Toll Free Numbers for PARS

Throughway Logistics Division Launched with Offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai
Demonstrating our commitment to providing customers with maximum convenience and quality of service for their import shipments  from China, we are pleased to announce the opening of two new branch offices under the operating name Throughway Logistics.

Toll Free Numbers for PARS

HOC Offers Weekly Consolidated LTL
Container Service from China
To better serve the needs of Canadian importers, we now offer weekly consolidated boxes from all major inland manu- facturing centres in China (e.g., Beiging, Qingdao, Xiamen, Xi’an, Xingang, Ningbo, Dalian, Fuzhou, etc.) via the ports of Hong Kong and Shanghai  to Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Toll Free Numbers for PARS

New Toll-free Numbers for PARS
HOC is pleased to announce that we now have toll-free access by phone or fax.  These lines are to expedite the clearance of shipments using the pre-arrival review system (PARS) at Sarnia and Windsor border crossings.

The numbers are:
Phone: 1-866-220-9104 •  Fax: 1-866-229-3197

Voice Mail Introduced

HOC Installs Voice Mail
Nobody likes it, but it's become such a necessary part of our daily routine that HOC finally capitulated and installed a voice mail system in our Toronto office. 

All departments in Toronto can now be reached at one single number (905) 672-5100. 

Lansdowne Profile

Lansdowne Office Profile
HOC opened its Lansdowne border branch in the spring of 1996. The office is centrally located between Toronto and Montreal, approximately 25 miles east of Kingston, in the beautiful 1,000 Island tourist area.

The office is actually on an island called Hill Island, which is situated within Canadian waters, U.S. Customs is also on an Island called Wellesley, which is situated in American Waters.

To make a crossing from the Canadian mainland to the American mainland covers a distance of 8.5 miles and  takes approximately 30 minutes to pass between  and Canada Highway 401 and U.S. Interstate Route 81, including going over two suspension bridges, from which you can see many of the 1,000 Island islands.

The crossing over the American channel of the St. Lawrence River from the mainland to Wellesley Island, consists of a suspension bridge of 800 ft.  The Canadian crossing includes the 600 ft. continuous span connecting Hill Island to Constance Island, a steel arch of 348 ft. from Constance Island to Georgina Island and a suspension bridge of 750 ft. to the Canadian mainland.  Originally, there was only one bridge at the border, however increased traffic over the years demanded twinning the crossing in 1959.

Recent studies indicate that almost 1.2 million vehicles crossed the bridge going northbound. Of these, almost 200,000 were commercial vehicles and more than 205,000 commercial vehicles crossed southbound during the same period of time.

ISO9002 Registration

ISO 9002 Registration Achieved!
After tremendous hard work and a dedicated effort by employees throughout HOC, we are now ISO 9002 registered.

We join hundreds of companies around the world but a very few customs brokers and freight forwarders who have achieved this quality distinction. Customers can now be assured that we have been recognized by the International Standards Organization for our quality service.

Special thanks go out to
Frank Wright for his tireless efforts in leading us through this quality improvement exercise.